Farmer-centric road and transport infrastructure development done in Bijapur by Ganguly H Kurubathalli

Road infrastructure is not readily available in rural areas of India and this has an inexplicably negative effect on the people residing in the rural area of Karnataka who had restricted their access to development benefits which was also impeding their mobility. Ganguly H Kurubathalli apprehends very well that the key to rural growth can only be improved via rural infrastructure, especially better roads and connectivity. As it gives people who need it most access to secure, inexpensive, accessible, and sustainable transportation networks, it is an essential step in the process of improving the standard of living and employment opportunities for the people living in the countryside. Better road connectivity and infrastructure in rural areas improve rural employment opportunities. Road infrastructure is very important in the context of COVID-19, where there is widespread urban-to-rural migration which asks for better connectivity and road infrastructure in the time of such a crisis. 

Agriculture not only provides the country with food, but also frees labor, stimulates markets for products, and generates foreign currency. India’s economic development process relies heavily on agriculture as India’s economy is primarily agricultural. The development of the agricultural sector is crucial to the growth of India’s economy as a whole. The use of roads brings great benefits to agricultural development. Ganguly H Kurubathalli has contributed to the development of transport services and road access for rural residents, notably for farmers. By giving farmers simple access to marketplaces for their goods and other required amenities, Ganguly H Kurubathalli seeks to enhance their standard of living.

In addition to farming, residents of rural areas require decent roads for a variety of reasons, such as getting to neighbouring markets, good schools, and hospitals in an emergency. Ganguly H. Kurubathalli has made significant contributions to building new roads, upgrading, and maintaining the existing roads, and also proposing and escalating the prospective areas of development.

Not only do roads connect regions, but they also influence changes in cropping patterns through access to markets, increase productivity by making inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides readily available, and increase productivity for farmers. Improve prices for agricultural products and related products such as milk, improved attendance in schools, and most importantly opened up new employment opportunities in non-agricultural and service sectors.

Ganguly H Kurubathalli has worked hard to improve the roads of Bijapur with all his heart he is working towards the development of Bijapur Ganguly H Kurubathalli’s only aim is to provide better connectivity and the best standard roads to the people of Bijapur and also to the people traveling for business purposes.

With developed road and road infrastructure Ganguly H Kurubathalli’s goal is to generate employment opportunities, provide world-class health care, the best education, and banking facilities to the people of Bijapur. Associating with Indian National Congress Party Ganguly H Kurubathalli is dreaming to give all the facilities and best opportunities to the farmers of Bijapur so that they get all the fruits of their hard work with very less effort in reaching the marketplace and getting better rates of their crops.

Ganguly H Kurubathalli perceives all the aspects of having better roads and how it can be benefited both citizens and the economy his willingness to give the best of the best to his people has made him the most loved person in the people of Bijapur Ganguly H Kurubathalli efforts are been noticed and also appreciated by people of the area.
We need more leaders like Ganguly H Kurubathalli who are farsighted and well-informed about the needs and requirements of their people who are always on their toes when it comes to the service to their people and who work beyond their reach and expectation to serve the citizen and nation as a whole.